Truthfull Colours feedback from clients

These direct quotes are from clients who have accessed my services. They are genuine and all articles printed are from a valid source with permission from clients. I have anonymised these as the healing is personal to you.

" Can't begin to tell you how i have moved my thoughts from can't to i will"

" This personal session was just what i needed to balance me out. it has really made me think about my life. Have i been sleepwalking?"

" You are amazing Rosheen, it is so needed this colour healing and worth its weight in gold..."

"My world has changed, I have changed...Thankyou i have found me at last"

"Colour therapy isn't therapy it is a new beginnning for me. I didn't know what it was but you said that was ok. It was more than ok it has changed my direction. Thankyou "

" I created a vision just as you said and it has all manifested for me. It was like you already knew! It is amazing "

"Feeling like i can finally see the light"

" The Runes are so right, it's like they have a guidance all within themselves. i feel like someone has looked inside my soul"

"Angels are so beautiful i feel like i can actually see mine now thankyou so much i will be back to look at the other special tools you use. Thankyou so much for wakening me up to this."

"Your Pamper me with Colour workshop is like dancing with the Angels and all your beautiful handmade gifts are so unique, i love it all Thankyou "

Vision Board workshops


"it has giiven me the green light to know it's okay to stop and "hey- this doesn't feel right"

"I am now open to a loving relationship, forgivenness to me &.... for the past. It was amazing and Rosheen you have changed my life in the days before i came, when i was here and now for my future... Thankyou x"

" Had a lovely evening. Rosheen has a very calming way with me. Felt so relaxed and it certainly made me think...Thankyou x"

"Keep doing this we need you ..."

"i didnt even realise my energy system was so out of balance. This is just so powerful. Thankyou to you Rosheen and the universe..."

"It is amazing my energy feels like it is dancing once again..."

" i have never had an experience like this before, i will certainly be coming back. I am so excited i have a focus.."