Animal Medicine
animalIn ancient times a person needing assistance would speak with elders usually in the north and in a number of 6. They were wise as they knew inner secrets, experienced powerful visions and owned gifts of power. They have the ability to see inside your soul as they are wise and powerful with an authority to see beyond the physical realm into health issues that affect your vision and energy. The elders sitting under the crescent moon with their medicine bag can guide your spiritual development. If you choose to embark on a journey with the Animal medicine cards you will be asked to look inside yourself like never before. You will also discover the harmony that sits inside your soul; you will be empowered with knowledge that can aid any situation you are presented in once you start to associate with the great masters.

Here we are presented with an opportunity to improve our connection to the great mystery of life and to support ones healing of the mind, body and spirit, whilst bringing into your life strength, courage and understanding. Animals exhibit habit patterns that relay messages, once you become aware of these and when called upon have a power of healing, each has a lesson on your inner guidance system that you may not be consciously aware of. When you call on the power of the animals you are asking to be drawn into the essence of their strength and capture complete harmony within a healing process. Embrace this with humility, grace and gratitude and allow the animals you have chosen to enter your conscious energy to reflect the lessons you need on your journey. As a human it is the lessons of vulnerability and courage that we need guidance on, the power lies in understanding your role and purpose in life, the lessons of the animals are eternal and forever.

You will find you may have a connection or that you recognise certain animals within this Animal guidance system, the silence of the mind will guide you to choosing the ones that are part of and necessary for your healing to begin. They carry special spiritual medicine for you and will become your teacher with whom you will grow and learn with once they are called upon. One must always maintain an attitude of reverence and be willing to accept assistance from Animal medicine, whilst understanding the law of oneness. You are ultimately reading this section for a reason and therefore already intrigued if this means something for you... yes it does.

All things in the universe have the same building blocks; the Great Spirit of the animal kingdom is a creative force, speaking the truth within the Great mystery that the natives understand as healing. This healing guidance can open doors for you that set you on your own personal journey with the faith, knowledge and guidance of Animal medicine.

When you choose to have a reading from the cards you will invoke the animals to come to you.  Walking by your side and honouring the direction they take you in as a spirit guide. As you walk on this earth you have seven directions surrounding your physical body; East, South, West, North, Above, below and Within. You will have an animal that represents these seven directions which are here to teach you the lessons of direction and influence the journey you are about to take in this lifetime. Quiet yourself, remove any opinions and choose the animals that are drawing you to them or that come into your mind; these are your medicine creatures and silent guides.

East: this guide of the east will offer spiritual challenges and illuminate the way.

South: represents the child within and will offer lessons in balancing trust and humbleness.

West: this will lead to your personal truth and or inner answers.

North: will learn you lessons in being wise and when to speak and to listen. Great lessons in gratitude follow this guide.

Above: this animal will teach you how to connect with your spiritual masters and access to akaic records.

Below: this will show you the lessons in being grounded.

Within: great lessons here with a focus on finding your hearts joy and being authentic to your true self.

Animals to choose from are:
Eagle Porcupine Opossum Grouse Blue Heron
Hawk Coyote Crow Horse Raccoon
Elk Dog Fox Lizard Praire Dog
Deer Wolf Squirrel Antelope Wild Boar
Bear Raven Dragonfly Frog Salmon
Snake Mountain Lion Armadillo Swan Alligator
Skunk Lynx Badger Dolphin Jaguar

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Love & Light