Count your Blessings
Count-your-blessingsThe Healing Power of gratitude and Love
Are you really living or barely existing in this lifetime you are presented in? Have you ever asked yourself that fundamental question and whether you are sleepwalking through your days? Do you feel run-down even anxious without really being able to explain where it is originating from. Are you in a permanent state of being Low and have no aspiration for your future or worse still your present existence.

Sounding pretty familiar already?

Count your blessings by Dr John F. Demartini reveals the connection between your health and inner state of mind. He posits 25 Principles that I will endeavour to introduce to you which will give you the freedom to choose if you utilise them or not…choosing how to live is after all yours. The question you need to ask yourself is do you want a fulfilling life with reality designed by you or an illusion created by inner conditioned thinking.

Knowledge is truth under one law and that is the Law of Love and Truth. It is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous, but more so it can be applied to everything created and way beyond learning because of its intrinsic nature of never ending and just being “what is”.

Our world of perception is the world of time and change and based on interpretation not on facts. It is as we know the world of birth and death and founded on the belief in loss, whilst holding onto selective learning rather than given, which is unstable in its functioning. When we get caught in a world of perception, we get caught in a dream with no escape, only the evident nature of our senses confirms our belief and thus it becomes a reality.

The world we see reflects our internal frame of reference “projection makes perception” ethos, where we decide from our internal system what it is we want to see or feel. We then project this onto the outside world making it the truth as we see it. However, we distort the world by our defences and manifest what is not there. This is where we need to look beyond our perceptual errors and forgive ourselves for the distorted self-concepts we have created.
A Mantra used profoundly and daily to heal this distortion and useful when the errors become evident...

“Forgive me
I am sorry
I Love you”

This can be placed in environments you live or work in as daily reminders of the harsh treatment we bestow on ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. The opposite of Love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite and therefore summed up simply like this...

“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists”

Within my website you will find various tools, resources and affirmations that you can use to develop your own inner resources intrinsic to your soul. They will help you live in the moment and aspire for a better future and turn any stressful situation into an inspiring learning experience. They will support you to transform the negative feelings that pounce on you when least expected and catalyst you into turning problems into positive actions. Learning how to define your own personal goals is the blessing which you alone have created and learning to love yourself and others will unfold gratitude beyond belief.

We can all lead the life we love, if we live the one we have been given, so count your blessings!

“I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself in now and then, finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary. Whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”
(Isaac Newton)

Blessing number 1

Gratitude and Love are the Art of Healing

“ Miracles do not happen in contradiction with nature, but in contradiction with what we know about nature”

Do you have the Heart to heal yourself?

We all have the healing power of unconditional love but unfortunately hold a belief system that fights this concept and belief, thus creating another reality which is probably unfounded. We constantly listen to our fears and try to physically heal these from the outside rather than the inside. For the healing process to be lasting the crucial step is to go beyond your normal thinking and listen to the wisdom of your Heart and soul. Easier said than done you may well be saying. Well your inner wisdom is expressed through gratitude and unconditional love, this is the essence of healing and thus miracles unfold, use the resources available in this site like Colour healing and guidance from the readings. By being completely present with this we have an infinite amount of abilities far beyond your conscious mind allows. Our emotions are based on perceptions and we do have an ability to change our minds and opinions as the physical illnesses that present for us are all intimate with the responses we give to situations we create in the first place. Everything has the ability to change, even water molecules change their existence and flow with nature as it guidance allows.

All complete healing is activated through Love and Gratitude

“Love cures people, the ones who receive love and the ones who give it too...”
(Karl A Menninger)

Sickness and suffering can function as hidden blessings and can awaken our love for life. Situations that occur urge us to examine our life more and sometimes when impending death is present we begin to appreciate life more. What is clear is the sheer transparency of healing as no matter what any therapist or healer does, they only really support your inherent and natural healing process. When you fill your heart with worry there is no room for love and gratitude and this is where healing begins so remove worry and fill your heart with positive affirmations and gratitude.

Affirmations for this blessing:
“I am opening my heart to the healing essence of unconditional love. I am grateful and certain that I am healing. I am healing my body and mind”