Law of Attraction

How do we use “The Secret” and what is the real meaning of it? It can sound somewhat mystical and actually it is a simple note that can be used time and time again to attract the things you want in life. We can do this by having Gratitude, one of the most powerful emotions we rarely use, but certainly has the most impact with our ability to give and receive. No matter where we are in this universe the word gratitude is the “Secret” to attracting abundance into your life and has the ability to erase all negative vibrations that may surround you. Try it! Have gratitude for all the wonderful things in your Life and practice this daily as a mantra...

“I am grateful for…”
See what happens and what manifests from this simple yet effective script.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe and governs all energy, like for like. As  we are very much aware energy vibrates in frequencies and therefore your thoughts and emotions are determined within this frequency. Focus on the positive things in life and speak as if you are humble for everything that manifests in front of you. This is where you will find your greatest lessons and possibly your greatest teachers will appear. Or maybe where you will find what you have actually created!

You are powerful and can manifest great things, circumstances, energy and people into your life. When you start to feel ungrateful and question whether you are worthy to receive, then that is exactly what you will create, a life of unworthiness and therefore never be able to be grateful.

By shifting our consciousness we can dance with alternate realities which appear before us in varied conditions. We create our personal reality through our own conscious beliefs about ourselves and others, even the world we live in is a creation of our conscious mind. Therefore this would elude itself to us being in the present if we are the creators of our being. Something to think about and yet possibly far removed from the very existence we are presented in or created! We should not believe we are at the mercy of our subconscious or helpless to the forces we can’t seem to understand. Our conscious mind does in fact control and somewhat directs all of our unconscious activity. However, we actualise our very being and existence by our thoughts which are directed by our experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Experience is the product of the Mind, Body and Spirit and very much influenced through our emotions and feelings. We are also connected to the birth of our expectations and desires which form these experiences, yet here is where the negative forms are more likely to take over and dominate your very being and thus enable circumstances you are presented in. If we see obstacles present what do we do? Do we look at the circumstances that sit behind their existence or do we not even have the ability to recognise they are there? Here is where we have to look into our conscious thoughts as the obstacles are here for a reason. Easier said than done, but not familiar to us as we may presume. Hence the need to examine our conscious thoughts which will inevitably tell us about our inner intentions and expectations. However, this may lead you to personal confrontation and challenges that appear uncomfortable and unfamiliar for you. Yet if you study the concept of your conscious mind you are more likely to see in more detail the journey unfolding in front of you, be the director and start creating. What have you really got to lose? nothing at all unless you create the thought itself.

We have a conscious mind for a reason and we should not believe we are at the mercy of it, let us use this to check our progress and change the nature of our route if necessary. We are after all the creators of our own reality are we not? The key is to alter the messages you are sending through to your thoughts and body. More so what messages we are giving to others, which inevitably leads to a result and sometimes habitual situations manifest. Nobody forces you to think in a particular way or manner and the possibility of a pessimistic viewpoint has set in the core of your creation, thus an impetus to believe this way is beneficial. We do have the ability to expand our capacities both in and beyond our existence and even small molecules cry out to expand against limitations. Just look at water crystals they always expand further than the sum of their parts and constantly change form. We are not limitless in our ability to create we just think we are and thus create limitless experiences and barriers start to emerge. We are endowed with a conscious mind that can shape nature, yet at the same time swayed by negative experiences... that is fact and visibly apparent within our existence is it not?

Whether we choose to believe it or not our present course has presented as it is, but it can change, we just need the determination and belief that this is possible. Yes we do need to put effort into this and stop the process of feeling powerless and not able to change events that unfold. Everything we do is within our control and of joint creation. These can be used as a springboard to better things unless YOU decide to repress or ignore them, the choice is yours. Nothing is out of your control...

“The exterior appearance is a replica of the inner desire “

Using the website and resources available you will enter a new way of being and more so look deeper into the very core of your conscious and subconscious mind. Create a life that is worth living and more so one that is designed by your very being. We are the creators of our own destiny are we not? The exterior appearance is truly a replica of inner desire... if you want more information on this subject complete the contact form.

“How can a man’s life keep its course
If he will not let it flow?
Those who flow as life flows know.
They need no other force:
They feel no wear, they feel no tear,
They need no mending, no repair…”
Love & Light