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angelcardsMessages sent from your Angels and their intrinsic guidance allows you the strength and courage to know you are always only a breath away from your Angel. Have you ever seen a feather or a coin just sitting there waiting patiently for you to notice its existence? There is a message in it for you, it’s just a case of you seeing it in the first place. The guidance system I use is infused with energy of Divine love and light, with an amazing accuracy that is only felt by the person receiving it. You can rest assured that there is no mystical explanation for having your Angel guide made more aware to you, it is more reassuring knowing that they are there in the first place.

When you are in a situation requiring guidance, the Law of attraction comes into play for you. Whatever you choose to create is determined by your own thought patterns and the Angel guidance system is a reflection of your current thoughts and emotions. As we know your thoughts create your future, these cards can predict this with you to enable you to move forward with faith and belief in your decisions.

Your Angel is always at you side and will walk your journey with you every step of the way, you just need to ask.

"Angels find their wings on the way down not up..."

Sometimes in life we feel unworthy, unloved, lost even at times wondering where it is we are meant to be. Where you are at this moment in time is exactly where you are meant to be. The lessons are waiting for you in every situation you are presented in, look for them, accept them and more than that ask your Angel to be right by your side. It is that easy you just need to ask...

"Have Faith & hope because there is something positive and new on the horizon that you can’t yet see"

Why should you not reach for the stars and embrace what is on offer to you, after all the universe is a creation of energy and we are the creators of its entirety. Invoke your Angel daily and ask for tranquillity and peace with a smooth journey that you have chosen. Believe it will happen and it will, allow the energy of love to enter your life and remove any self-sabotaging thoughts or behaviour patterns that are presenting. Reject all expressions of fear which are transmuted back to the field of illusion from whence they came, after all your happiness brings a smile to Heaven...

An Angel reading will open your energy field and identify with the Past, Present and Future influences which will enable you to dance back on the road you wish to move forward on. Choose 3 cards you are drawn to and place them in the boxes representing Past, Present & Future. This will allow me to send you a personalised reading to aid your chapter that is about to unfold. i hold monthly Angel Guidance workshops that you are more than welcome to attend. Contact me directly by E-mail - to update on the next event.

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