Aboriginal Dreams Guidance
brolgaOracle of the dreamtime cards are a representation of one of the oldest cultures known since the beginning of time and people live according to the creators law. Here we are blessed with an opportunity to be introduced to a fragment of this spiritual belief system intrinsically embedded as part of everyday life according to the ancestors of Aboriginals in Australia.

The animals, plants, creatures, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers are their ancestors and they never cause them any harm and therefore will never be harmed by them. They are guided by them in difficult times and they are what are known as “totems” which are spiritually connected with mother earth. Everyone has their own totem and all are very individual to each person.  You can have up to 15 and once you understand your totem, you will connect with your spirituality and guidance system as the aboriginals do as part of their everyday life. Then gain an awareness and greater understanding of how you can use this in your life. Consciousness shapes our lives and these Oracle cards are based on ancient dreaming stories of the Aboriginal people who believed the world was full of signs from them. They are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. These cards honour the ancient wisdom in a modern way and more accessible and simple for all to understand.

This is an opportunity for you to be in tune with your inner guidance system that we sometimes do not have time to resonate with. You will have an opportunity to attune to nature with the dreaming cards and shape your life through valuing the worth of others in your life. Bringing together the physical domain with your spiritual belief system will present you with a greater awareness of how "story telling", dancing, chanting, song-writing and art from the ancestors plays an important role, even today as a language we need to listen to its messages.

kangaroo Objects have a vibration as do pictures, which radiates energy it is not separate, even a feather holds the same energy from the animal it came from. A single hair holds the energy of the persons head it fell from and so it goes on, we are all part of the energy field. Aboriginal people for example do not dance with the Brolga, they step into its energy field and unite with it, we are all part of this universe therefore part of each other.

These cards are for self- exploration and will give you inspiration when you need to seek a higher guidance system. They will encourage you to be authentic and guide you to look at what you are creating in your life, what you have learned and what will support you to choose the path needed for you to manifest a vision for your life. This is already within you; the cards will draw it out and bring it to reality for you. We can sometimes be clouded and attached to emotions that therefore influence our conscious decisions in life. When you are truly willing to look within and attain a deeper understanding of who you are then you will be connecting to your infinite self and make authentic decisions which are fundamentally saying "to thine own self be true".

Aboriginal Dream Card Reading:
Choose 6 of the cards that you are most drawn to and slot them in the box you feel it represents.
This will enable me to determine what your energy is influenced by and what this means for you on your journey in this lifetime.

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