Who am I....

rosheenI am Rosheen and blessed to have 2 beautiful children who are my inspiration, my breath and my soul all in one package. I have a family that I am totally grateful to have in my life and humble enough to say so. They are the foundations of my soul and keep me firmly in place holding me together. My true dearest friends know who they are, they have no need for recognition, their soul is always with mine whatever lifetime we are presented in.

Thankyou for allowing me to be in your world...

My soul chose a time for me to begin a magnificent journey and this is where my personal discovery begins. Without all these experiences and lessons I would not be sat here wanting to share this with you and I want to say how grateful I am to them all for being my greatest teachers. Without their authenticity and belief in me who would I really be? More so how would I know what that was? Many lives, many masters resonates so deeply with me and I can say with conviction that my presence has been guided through various eras and thus allowed me to acquire the greatest knowledge I need to enhance my own journey with a clear vision and purpose.

I offer guidance in many forms and the one you are drawn to is right for you at this time. My selection is precious and all meaningful as you will see once you delve into the magical selection. Colour healing and balancing your Chakras allows you to move in a clear state of being, which is a beautiful experience that is available to you all. It holds the key to inner awareness, deeper than your physical form will ever know. Then there are the magical historic Rune readings with esoteric meanings and properties which will give you a means to analyse the path you are on. It will guide you with influences and provide you with likely outcomes. One of my favourite guidance systems I have gained a deeper understanding of and use daily are the Aboriginal Dream cards which are inspirational and always for my greater good. As a human it is the lessons of vulnerability and courage that we need guidance on, the power lies in understanding your own individual role and purpose. The lessons of the Dream cards are eternal and forever, they will always remain part of an historic culture. The most Inspirational are of course the Angel cards which show you who is dancing with you and lighting up your life. These make me feel like I am in a sweet shop and whatever I choose tastes nice and wanting more, like a daily dose of medicine made up of love, light and energy. This is like an Instant soul boost and yet fun, albeit with guidance, thoroughly and amazingly powerful but inspiring at the same time. "A cocktail of pure Love" as said by the Angels, so follow your heart and choose wisely.

Then follows the vision boards which are my greatest achievements and personal to all those who decide they want to create their own future, not have one designed by others. if you want focus, direction and more than that a new beginning, then dive straight to the vision boards, they will move you to a deeper level of being. They will allow you to understand your True colours and appreciate all the lessons you have been presented with. More so though they will empower you to dance with your personal power once again. My workshops are individually tailored for your soul to start being the director not the actor.

My life has been colourful and the lessons I have acquired over time have enabled me to look at my journey with a new view, through fresh exciting energy. It has been ordained for me as yours is for you, if we choose a path, how do we know whether it is right? Well what i do know is that once you start to become aware of your inner guidance system there isn’t ever a wrong road. Sometimes we may step off our “A” road and dance on a “B” road, but that is ok!!!!! I am telling you that this is where the true meaningful and yes sometimes painfull  lessons manifest, not whilst you skip merrily down the “A” road…

It may take a lifetime of experiences before you arrive at a place you know and feel at peace within as I did. That is where you are meant to be and at least you will know that you will always arrive with greater knowledge, because after all you created the vision!

"There is Always something to gain in this life! ...Know who you are...Live the life you want"

I have created various products such as Chakra bracelets, Necklaces & Infused coloured stones to help your energy remain in balance.
Feel free to contact me for more information or visit my shop to see what intrigues you.

Welcome on board

Love in this lifetime or any other