chakra introChakra means vortex or spinning wheel and is the major centres of spiritual energy or power in a human being which balance, store and distribute the energies of life through our physical body. Balancing of the Chakras or re-aligning, unblocking or meditation, whilst assisting in the movement of energy that flows around our Body, Mind and Soul.

If a Chakra is not performing correctly this could cause our physical, Mental and Spiritual health to suffer. There are thousands of Chakras in our body but we are only working on the 7 Major ones that coincide with the positions on the spinal cord of the major nerve endings in our physical body.

red chakra 200RED - 1st CHAKRA – Root Chakra - For obvious reasons and based at the tail end of the spine, this Chakra is represented by the colour Red. The element of fire and symbolised by a snake or dragon. The chakra is the foundation of the physical body and stimulates vital forces throughout our body that assist in keeping us grounded to earth. It influences our fight or flight reactions and is the base of the other 6 Chakras, dealing with survival issues and protection of influences formed early on in life.

If there is damage caused in early life that has not been healed, this Chakra will be out of balance and may hold relevance in day to day life that prevents us from moving on. If this Chakra is balanced we feel healthy, happy and full of vitality. If there is too much energy flowing it could cause greediness and an overpowering manner, irritation or aggression. If too little then a lack of ability to complete things and therefore needs re-energising or aligning.

orange chakra 200ORANGE - 2nd CHAKRA – Sacral Plexus – Situated in the lower abdomen and 2 inches from the belly button in the area of the womb. Represented by Orange or ones own place of life, it is the source of creativity and inspiration. It is the foundation of the emotional body and influences our ability to feel emotions, sensations and controls our abilities to let go of negative emotions.

This chakra influences our sexuality and open-mindedness and our ability to co-operate amicably with other people. When this Chakra is performing correctly you will feel healthy, open, friendly, imaginative and creative which helps you to focus on your objectives. It will promote tolerance and patience which helps you relate to others in a positive manner.

When this Chakra is balanced it encourages intuition, a good frame of mind, energy and success. It also helps you to learn from experiences whether success or failure, providing you with the focus and courage you need for you to create and achieve ambitions. If this Chakra is not working it can present in the form of sexual guilt and bladder infections or frigidity. Alternatively, if too energised you may present as self-centred, jealous and mistrusting. If not enough energy flowing then you may be experiencing uncertainty and confusion with an aimless approach to life.

yellow chakra 200YELLOW - 3rd CHAKRA – Solar Plexus – Situated at the base of the rib cage presented as yellow and enables us to pick up vibrations from people and places and involves personal power, energy, self-control, emotional issues and self-acceptance.

If this Chakra is balanced it brings the capacity to accomplish that which we want and enjoy these accomplishments. We are able to yield our own power and attract prosperity and balance and will allow you to feel safe and secure. We are able to deal with changes and learn new and better things, removing old conditioned information. it will allow your life to seem better and able to concentrate on learning.

If the Chakra is not working properly it can present as anger and frustration in dealing with power and authority. Anger is the product of too much self-power and everything will feel like an up hill struggle. Frustration is the product of too little self-power and everything seems too demanding. Balancing this Chakra is important as it allows us to reclaim the balance of our own power and move forward with confidence. This will restore the wisdom you need to focus from a central point of being.

green chakra 200GREEN - 4th CHAKRA – Heart – The lower 3 Chakras relate to personal energy and the 3 higher relate to the self within the collective conscious of higher guidance. This beautiful Green Chakra converges the others and is the foundation of the connection between the physical and spiritual body thus driven by love. It influences forgiveness, compassion, empathy and trust in our lives and influences the immune system.

When the Heart Chakra is balanced with the lower ones we strike the balance for unconditional love allowing us to help others. We feel at peace with ourselves and rejuvenate re-birth, success, growth, prosperity and development, bringing balance to all parts of our lives.

A lack of balance can be through imbalance in the first 3 not working effectively and may present within lung problems and signifies suspicion and a feeling of being unloved, which may be causing you to suppress things.

blue chakra 200BLUE - 5th CHAKRA – Throat – Situated at the base of the neck in the throat it influences communication, dreaming, good judgement, self belief, wisdom and truthfulness. When it is balanced it allows free communication helping us to feel centred and happy. If it is not working effectively it can create negative influences and can be associated with sore throats, ear infections, chronic colds, tiredness and depression.

It can also lead to control of others through deceit and dishonesty and if the energy flow is too great it makes us inflexible, dominating, and egotistical causing us to have a self righteous attitude.

A lack of energy can cause us to be nervous and frightened causing introversion and tending to keep our thoughts to ourselves opposing any kind of change. A really poerful healer working closely with Archange Raphael in healing inner cells allowing a freedom to move forward.

indigo chakra 200INDIGO - 6th CHAKRA – The third eye - iThis Chakra is situated in the middle of the forehead and represented by Indigo and symbolised by the spirit. The Chakra influences our capacity to see things that are yet to come into our presence and is the foundation of our psychic powers.

When the Chakra is balanced we are able to link into our intuition, imagination and finely tune into our awareness and will define fantasy and reality. We feel in control of our lives and have the courage to do what we want. We feel confident in our abilities and have no need to look at others to make us feel whole. we are intuitive enough to trust our inner being.

If it is out of balance it can create negative influences and result in sinus infections, headaches and lack of clarity causing confusion by over analysing. If the energy flow is too great it can cause lack of concentration, headaches and make us feel confused causing panic attacks or depression. When there is lack of energy it can cause us to be unassertive, frightened of achieving or too sensitive to the feelings of others.

violet chakra 200VIOLET - 7th CHAKRA – The crown -This Chakra is situated at the top of the head or crown area and represented by the colours of violet and white. This chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body and links us to the highest guidance or creation and is our ultimate connection with the universe. This Chakra influences the central nervous system and hormones related to them.

When it is balanced we are released from Ego and driven desires and able to trust in our highest guidance and know that we are guided in all that we do.

If this Chakra is not working effectively we will still be guided but based on ego influences rather than our highest guidance that causes us to become unsure of our self’s, reducing our self confidence and creating fear and anxiety. When open this Chakra feels as if there is a small amount of pressure pulling or tugging at the crown and is affected by the balance of the previous Chakras. Crucial to know this is where our information transmits through from the universe and therfore needs to be open to receive.

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